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Alexandra Cook

Hi, I am Alexandra Cook aka Linadara. I do arts and crafts

Alexandra Cook.

Born in Moscow, educated as a geographer, and worked as a planetary scientist.

I am living with my husband and children in Newtown, Powys. Apart from art, I love nature, travel, science fiction, history, music, eco-friendly living, humanist philosophy and socionics. I constantly experiment with my artwork mixing various media, styles and subjects - particular favourites being at the moment impressionism and folk art. I am creating my new website at

The current theme is the development of the Artish = Bohemian + Creative + Eclectic + Eco-Friendly + Ethical + Freethinking + Frugal livestyle for the future.


Specialties: painting, drawing, folk art, photomanipulation, sketching

Alexandra Cook's Background

Alexandra Cook's Experience

artist at self employed

Alexandra Cook's Education

Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU)

1989 – 1999

Alexandra Cook's Interests & Activities

art, crafts, creativity, science, geography, geomorphology, space, planets, freethinking, humanism, socionics, future, ethics, lifestyle, compassion, emphaty, painting, sketching, exploring

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